Evoke Laminate Flooring

Evoke is good-looking, but not high-maintenance. No fancy lotions, potions or beauty routines are required. That gorgeous exterior is built tough, remarkably resilient to life’s bumps and scrapes. Easy-going, happy to go almost anywhere, and ready to snap into place like you were always meant to be together. Evoke is made for commitment, and will always look as fresh and fabulous as the day you met.

Evoke is a premium-quality laminate flooring that’s winning a lot of fans for its beauty, personality and versatility.  The fantastic selection of textures, colors and styles makes it easy to find an Evoke floor that’s perfect for you, your home and your family.

Evoke is a breeze to install, with no gluing or nailing – it just clicks into place.  It even has its own underlay built right in.  And there’s a full range of accessories, to finish the job in style.  Evoke will happily go in almost any room in your home and can also be installed over radiant heat.  And with a limited lifetime residential wear warranty, Evoke is ready for a long term commitment.

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  1. I realize that the Marie model is discontinued, but is there any ifo on it that you can share?

  2. I am desperately looking for whole room showcases of the Evoke laminate flooring, the luma and Whitney styles. Please, where can I find full rooms done in these two styles online?????

  3. I am looking for whole room showcases of the Evoke laminate flooring in the Brandon style. Where can I find full rooms done in this style online? I really need to see a whole room before I commit to buying 1000 sq feet. Thanks!

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