Clean, Natural Living with Marmoleum

Wondering what makes Marmoleum.. marmoleum?  Lets take a look at this versatile flooring option that goes great in any type of home, in any room.

Marmoleum products are associated with durability, high quality and beautiful, innovative design with a proven track record of over 100 years of continuous production.  Its made with renewable, natural ingredients its also naturally anti-static and antimicrobial.  Making it ideal for allergies and respiratory disorders. Not to mention its easy to keep clean and comes in 120+ colors of sheet / 30 colors of tile!

Marmolem is made of raw materials straight from nature resulting in a purely natural product. Even the adhesive is environmentally friendly – free of solvents.

So what makes Marmolem?

Linseed Oil, Pine Rosins, Wood Flour, Environmentally responsible pigments & Jute Fibers.

Carpet in your home can harbor millions of biological allergens: Mold, mildew, dost mites, animal dander, bacteria, pollen and viruses. If your concerned about these problems marmoluem is for you.

Marmoleum’s natural ingredients and anti-bacterial properties fight the common allergens found in most living spaces. Studies have shown that harmful micro-organisms cannot live or breed on Marmoleum flooring, which makes it the only flooring choice for those concerned about their health and environment.

I’ts yellow, don’t be worried!! This is called ambering, its actually a natural phenomenon!
When Marmoleum is first taken out of it’s packaging, you may notice a slight yellowish cast visible on its surface. This yellow cast is known as ambering and is caused by the oxidation of Marmoleum’s main ingredient…linseed oil. Linseed oil continues to harden over time—it makes Marmoleum more durable, it’s anti-static properties repel dust making
fl oors easy to clean, and it’s oils are continually oxidizing which prevents micro-organisms from living or breeding on your Marmoleum floor.

When you see that yellowish cast on your new Marmoleum floor—be thankful it’s there. As time passes, the ambering will fade as your floor is exposed to light, but its beneficial
features will not. Ambering may dissipate in a few hours under bright sunlight, or in a few days if under artificial lighting. Cleaning or applying any sort of finish to the surface will not lessen or speed up the ambering color purification process. Only light, time and good ole’ mother nature will reduce the amber appearance.

So relax – and let nature take its course.

  • Marmoleum comes sheet goods 6ft 7inches wide, also in tiles 13×13 or 20×20 – with large color selection
  • Marmoleum Click – a click together product that comes in 12×36 panels or 12×12 tiles. – select colors only
  • Borders and Corners to help create one of a kind designs piece by piece.

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