How to Care for Cork Flooring

Natural cork flooring is becoming increasingly popular among eco-conscious homeowners because it comes from a renewable resource whose harvesting helps, rather than harms, the environment. Thanks to the green benefits of cork flooring, Portland homeowners are catching on to this unique and attractive flooring option.

In order to keep your cork floors looking their best, however, a little TLC is required. If you’ve recently installed cork floors, the following maintenance tips can help you keep its surface looking new and beautiful.

Implement a no-shoes policy.

Dirt tracked in from the outdoors can become ground into your natural cork flooring, causing penetrating stains and other damage. While carpet runners and area rugs can help protect high-traffic areas, a no-shoes policy is the safest way to protect your cork flooring. Portland homeowners should also ensure their cork floors are shielded with an adequate finish.

Be aware of heat, humidity, and sunlight.

Any surface can be damaged by heat, humidity or sunlight. Cork floors, in particular, however, are prone to fading and warping if not cared for properly. Prevent fading closing your window treatments – whether shades, blinds or drapes – while you’re at work all day. In warm, moist areas, a de-humidifier is a helpful tool for keeping moisture down inside your home to prevent buckling.

Clean cork floors thoroughly.

Natural cork flooring requires light yet efficient cleaning. Take care of all spills immediately, and stay on top of the dirt by vacuuming or dust-mopping regularly.

In addition to regular maintenance, keep an eye out for signs of wear in your cork flooring. Portland homeowners will need to refinish their cork floors periodically in order to keep them protected from heavy wear and tear.

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  1. Cork flooring is one of the most easily maintainable wood flooring options on the market today. With simple monthly maintenance you can keep your cork floors looking like they were just installed yesterday. This article is designed to help educate the cork flooring homeowner on how to keep their cork floors in top shop and looking as best as possible. As with any type of care you’ll need to follow a minimum monthly maintenance plan. So, let’s get started on learning how to keep those cork floors of yours looking amazing and beautiful.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a home with a floor made of cork. It is definitely a good looking option! I’m going to check out your pros and cons page to learn more about these floors. Thanks for the information.

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