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For Your Floors: Design Idea Collection

As you go about your daily business in your home, it’s easy to think of a million things you’d like to change about it. When the time comes to actually remodel your home or upgrade a room, however, suddenly all of the options in the world open up, and many homeowners freeze. That’s why we’ve compiled a variety of home design ideas on our website, covering everything from wood flooring to tile. Portland, Oregon homeowners who are about to embark upon a home improvement project can browse through to find inspiration and help get their creative juices flowing. Here’s a look at some of the ideas we’ve collected:

Tile. Portland, Oregon residents who are interested in incorporating tile in the kitchen or bathroom can find design ideas for backsplashes, flooring and other creative ways to use tile. Portland, Oregon designers will often use a mosaic tile design behind the range or kitchen sink, for example. Look through our online “inspiration board” for photos of unique and beautiful tile designs.

Wood flooring. Portland, Oregon living rooms, bedrooms and other parts of the home are increasingly being outfitted with gorgeous wood floors, which lend a timeless and classy feel to any indoor space. While lighter tones have long dominated the market for wood flooring, Portland Oregon residents are now catching on to the appeal of darker woods. Visit our photo collection to find ideas for incorporating dark hardwoods into your décor.

Fireplaces. A fireplace makes an amazing focal point for any room, but in many homes the beauty and appeal of the fireplace is often overlooked. The right colors and design elements can really make a fireplace pop. To find ideas for emphasizing a fireplace using materials such as tile, Portland Oregon homeowners should check out our idea page.

When it comes to designing your living space, you really are only limited by your imagination. If you’re planning a home remodel, begin your brainstorming with a trip to our idea board.