Our job at Area Floors is to make the contractor's job easier and more productive. We know your time is very valuable, but perhaps even more important is how we get to know your business, your design perspectives, and your production needs. Additionally we are constantly bringing in new fashion-forward products to meet your design needs.

PROTECTING YOUR PRICING – We know you are in business to earn a profit. We sell to all our contractors at a very competitive wholesale price and will always protect our relationship with you.

WE VALUE RELATIONSHIPS – They are the building blocks of good business.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – We work as a team. Anyone of our team members will meet your needs.

WE LISTEN – We make sure we know the three basic decision-making criteria, durability, price, and style. We shoot for a home run every time.

DESIGN ADVICE – Homeowners can struggle finding a vision, which can lead to unhappy customers. We have an informed eye. That’s what we are here for.

EDUCATION – Clients have questions, we have answers. We want them to feel good about their purchase.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – We have a wide range of materials and almost any price point. We can help build the best project for your client.

Whole house or small remodel, we partner with you for the best result. If you don’t have time to come to us, we will come to you.

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