Our job is to work in collaboration with our design partners to ensure your next project is your best project. Each of our team members comes from a designer’s perspective so we appreciate and respect what you bring to each your projects. Our job is to make your job flow perfectly.

Area Floors is your showroom – at your disposal to meet with your clients. We have a wealth of information and the latest the industry has to offer. We know your clients are the life-blood of your business so each and every one of our team members is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable if there is a question, but gives you plenty of space to run the meeting and guide your client into their best outcome. We are your staff working with you on every aspect of the project.

Feel free in advance of a showing to:

  • Have us pull materials for a meeting.
  • Check out samples for your client to take home.
  • Brainstorm together.
  • Check inventory to make sure materials will work with your timeline.