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How to Care for Your Bamboo Flooring

When selecting hardwood flooring, Portland homeowners are often drawn to bamboo flooring – available from manufacturers such as Kentwood, DANSK and Cronin – because it is eco-friendly and made from a renewable resource. Bamboo flooring is much more durable than other types ofhardwood flooring; however, it does require slightly different care. Here’s a look at how to maintain your bamboo flooring:

Sweep and vacuum regularly. Dirt is your bamboo floor’s biggest enemy, as it can damage the finish. Sweep with a soft, fine-fiber broom every two or three days, and vacuum occasionally to remove any dirt the broom may have missed.

Minimize water exposure. Clean up all spills immediately to prevent liquid from soaking into your bamboo flooring. If you must mop, use only a lightly dampened mop and a wax-free cleaner, such as a small amount of dish soap.

Protect from sunlight. Bamboo flooring can fade when exposed to daily sunlight. To prevent discoloration in their hardwood flooring, Portland residents should minimize sun exposure inside the home by investing in curtains or blinds.

Control humidity. Too much humidity can cause bamboo flooring to crack; too little humidity can cause it to shrink. To extend the life of your bamboo flooring, it’s helpful to maintain a stable indoor environment with 30-50 percent humidity.

Minimize scratching. As with any other hardwood flooring, Portland homeowners should take a few extra measures to avoid scratching their bamboo flooring. Place no-skid mats at every entrance of the home to remove outside dirt; use floor protectors under the legs of heavy furniture; and avoid wearing high heels indoors. Scuff marks can be removed by moistening a cloth with wood floor cleaner and gently rubbing the scuffed area.

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