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Real Stone Cladding

Get real with Cronin Stone! This stone can be used for exterior applications as well as interior projects.

Natural stone is the original though-body building material. It has proven itself for centuries as the most durable and prestigious material for every type of building and it is emulated by countless other products to bring the look of stone to a wider audience at a lower cost. Many people want the look and durability of stone, but you don’t have to settle for a copy. Cronin Stone is real stone, its priced competitively with the colored concrete products and its just as easy to install. the difference is obvious, see for yourself.

Installation: By combining Ardex 8 + 9 waterproofing over the backerboard and Mortairvcent behind it you get and installation system that is completely waterproof on the outside while sill allowing the house to breath, It’s the safest and healthiest installation system available and if you are doing a partial wall the Cronin Stone ledger cap hanger is not only the most rain resistant system you can buy , its easy to use and cost effective as well.  Looking for Installation instructions? Click here

Area Floors offers Cronin Stone in all colors featured below and comes in 7×14,  5 pcs =3.38sf per carton. Trims are also available : corners, ledge caps, and keystones to accent windows and doorways.

To see Cronin Stone installed feel free to visit S’tile showroom in Portland Oregon.