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Not all Slabs are Created Equal

We don’t store your soon to be granite countertops in a junk pile, in fact we buy granite and marble slabs from top quality vendors who care about the quality of their products they are selling.

Why are granite slabs at discount stores so cheap?

There are several reasons why these discounted slabs are not suitable for your home. Granite, as you would expect is priced by quality.

1. Unevenness – from side to side the thickness of a stone slab needs to be very constant to prevent cracking and to be installed properly… the slab MUST be the same thickness from end to end or there is nothing but problems. Twisting can happen after install, leaving you with a warped or even cracked granite countertop.

2. Quality   – Easy to scratch and heavily pitted a quality commonly found in junkyard slabs! One might not be too noticeable but why pay for something that is damaged before you even bring it home? Hair line cracks, twisting or durability come in to question when you shop at a discount granite store.

3. Edges – Prefab counters have laminated front edges which are usually cut and laminated from a different shade of the same stone.

4. Dyes – Many of them use a dye to keep their colors rich and you will start to notice it fading as it wears in your home; your black granite tops could be gray in a few years.  And if you need more then one granite slab good luck getting them to match, most won’t come from the same lot making every piece in your kitchen a different tone.

5. Mess – If the prefab countertop is being cut to fit onsite, your neighbors will experience excessive amounts of “granite dust particles” in the air. Makes for angry neighbors and a huge granite dust mess you will be cleaning up for months.

6. Installation & Warranty – When you buy your slab with Area Floors we guaranty a professional installation. Discount slab countertop stores leave it to you to do the installing, once you take the slab from the store its yours… no matter if it makes it in one piece on your kitchen countertops or not.

Area Floors offers great prices on Granite slab Countertops, with a high quality product and a professional guaranteed installation. Once you see our prices you will never go back to picking from the junk pile again!