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The Parade of Homes – The Overlook

A Sneak Peek in to the Parade of Homes 2012!

Area Floors takes you in to “The Overlook”

The Overlook

The Overlook is a truly unique home, blending modern lines with rustic charm, something we call “Modern Rustic.” The architect (Mascord Design), was able to capture our vision for space, function and design while maximizing the spectacular views of the Columbia River, the city of Portland and the city lights and Mt. Hood. The panramic views from every room in the house are truly breathtaking and the location on Evergreen Highway is perfect, making this timeless home an instant hit. The Overlook is a wonderful example of the kind of architecture that sets the NW apart from the rest of the country and displays why Evergreen Highway is one of the most desirable areas in all of Vancouver. Don’t miss this outstanding NW Natural Parade of Homes entry!

View Products used in The Overlook :

Full Metal

Full Metal has been designed as an architectural element and furniture for residential construction and fittings, new construction and restoration, for commercial interior environments such as restaurants, bars and shops with a protected entry. Full Metal surfaces, thanks to the metallic shimmering effect, with time and use show slight variations in color and luster that cause the characteristic ‘natural aging’, the desired effect to enhance the warmth and living environment.



The most exciting tiles and claddings in the world. Island Stone encompasses how the trend of pebbles got started. They have perfected the design by creating flat surfaces on the bottom of each stone for very even feel underfoot after installed. Especially great for Spa shower floors.

First debuting in Australia, then received a celebrated introduction in the United States. These stones do a great job of bringing the outdoors in, creating a relaxing and natural space in any home.


Another stone style by IslandStone, Random create a natural, seamless look using random shapes and sizes of exotic natural stones that are cut and fitted to our unique interlocking tiles.Random comes in tiles, large tile, squares and lines. Available in solid colors and mixes to match any decor.


The original beauty of hand-made glass is the centerpiece of the stunning Lighthouse collection. Complimented by aged
copper, brushed steel, and contemporary geometric shapes, Lighthouse creates a unique environment wherever artisanship and craft are valued. Each glass chip is cast and scored by hand, ensuring no two are exactly the same. Delicate touches of etching and iridescence bring additional qualities of light and depth. Lighthouse unites authentic materials to present an iconic design vision.

Luxe Glass & Stone Mosaics

Luxe glass & stone mosaics add a little excitement to any room. Their stylish combination of shape, color, texture and finish can turn an unnoticed area into a focal point and provide a unifying backdrop to all of the varied materials you live with. Luxe mosaics can be used as accent strips within plain tiles for just a hint of excitement or cover the entire area and bring it to life. Luxe mosaics are for wall use only; they are not meant to withstand abrasive wear or hard impact. Urban and Rustic contain Rust Multicolor Slate and should not be used in areas with prolonged exposure to water. A premium white latex-modified thinset suitable for glass mosaics should be used for installation and complete coverage is required. Ardex or Prism grout are recommend.

Linergy Tile

The combined effect of soothing stones in precisely designed linear patterns that raise the positive energy of a room and its occupants. The only currently documented sources of linergy are distributed through s’Tile, a company well known in the Northwest for making groundbreaking products available to a

larger audience through a select group of dealers. Although not all problems can be solved by Linergy™ alone, most design and home happiness issues show amazing results. There are equal amounts of 2” high and 4” high strips, so it’s easy to keep in balance by simply alternating rows. Space the adjoining
rows so joints do not align and vary thickness and color as randomly as possible. As with all stone installations, each piece should be back buttered to achieve a good bond. Always work from several cartons of material to achieve a good balance of color and veining. White thinset is required for Arctic Meadow and recommended on other colors as well; it is easier to clean and less noticeable in hairline gaps between the tiles. All pieces should be set tight, with no grout joint.


Glazed porcelain tile is the perfect finishing material for a modern home or office. The five colors integrate seamlessly with the entire spectrum of hues you will find in today’s color palette and each color’s subtle undertones and shading make them extremely versatile and easy to work with. Those same characteristics make Urban easy to live with as well. They don’t show tracking, are easy to clean and offer enough slip resistance to exceed the ADA recommendation of .6 coefficient of friction both wet or dry. It’s also extremely durable, Urban can withstand most commercial floor applications as well as the most demanding areas of any home. Urban comes in a wide range of sizes, which allows you to use it in a variety of areas. Available in 13×20, 20×20 4×10, 2×2 mosaic and 3×20 surface bullnose, Urban scales well to almost any area.Get modern! Urban is the perfect solution for walls and floors. Digital glaze technology gives an amazing array of pattern variation and shading. You’ve probably never seen a contemporary porcelain tile that looked this good and you’ll be amazed at how well it’s priced. It’s the floor of the future today.

Moda Vetro Cultural Brick

Glimmer and Depth… Everyone is intrigued by the colorful simplicity of Pental Granite & Marble’s glass collection. As one of the first with an innovative high-quality glass line, it is Pental’s mission to continue expanding the shapes, sizes, and variety available. Custom blends and the latest styles make this the first stop for a one-of-a-kind glass look.

70% of the pieces are gloss finish and 30% of the pieces are matte finish in this attractive pattern.