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2013 Design Trends Winners: Carrara Marble & Hardwood

In February we shared with you the major design trends for 2013 as seen at the annual Design Industry Trade Shows in Las Vegas. Spa-like atmospheres through the use of natural light, reclaimed wood and elegant simplicity of line were the canvas for design elements clearly influenced by the economy and environment. These same elements were a big part of both Clark County’s Parade of Homes and Portland’s Street Of Dreams.

Carrara Marble

These latest design innovations for 2013 were demonstrated throughout both shows but none so predominantly as the use of Carrara Marble in stark contrast to classic hardwood flooring in deep rich colors and texture. Marble has been a favorite medium for countertops and flooring for years. This year a twist on the classic includes unexpected shapes and patterns giving an edgy modern feel to the much-loved natural stone. Found in kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, laundry rooms and even outdoor living spaces this highly functional material brings a rich ambiance to any room.

This versatile pristine white marble makes a perfect backdrop for color splashes yet is equally impressive as a stand-alone design element as seen in the Parade of Homes. The soft veins running through the Carrara marble fragmented as a bullet mosaic creates a stunning centerpiece without the accompaniment of color or other ornament.


Following the design trends first seen in Las Vegas the classic wood-grains used in this year’s designer homes were often recycled and re-purposed sometimes in completely unexpected ways. Most jaw-dropping was the re-used wood from an old barn in Hillsboro re-purposed for a great room ceiling as seen at The Street Of Dreams in the Made For America home. Another example of innovative design was the use of re-purposed wood for closet doors creating a dramatic focal design element and eliminating the need for additional decoration. The rustic touch of reclaimed products found in many wood floors adds a welcome green component to this elegant flooring as durable as it is Eco-friendly.

Hardwood flooring has always been a popular flooring choice but never before have there been so many different hardwood styles to choose from. The sustainable options found in cork and bamboo along with Quickstep’s Laminate Flooring and DuChateau Vinyl Deluxe keep wood floors the favorite flooring choice throughout the US. With its vivid texture and stately elegance the beauty of hardwood is as versatile as it is durable.


The innovative use of sustainable building options was present in all of these showcase homes. Some features seen in both showcases included 95 percent efficient condensing furnaces and Spray Foam Insulation, replacing inefficient batt insulation. Taking it to another level in home energy performance was the Street of Dreams builder whose sheet-rock neutralizes volatile organic compounds and the Parade of Homes builder that reduced the homes heat loads and cooling demands by using solar shingles capable of reducing the amount of UV penetration.


Are you curious about how to incorporate some of these innovative design elements into your own home why not come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our Designers. Area Floors large showrooms are bursting with options for you to choose from. We can help you identify which products have the features you are looking for and encourage you to bring in photos of your home and swatches of what you already have.

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