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Benefits to Using Made in America Products to Build Your Home

The benefits to using domestic manufactured products are overwhelming, from job creation to the environmental benefits of using American made products. By making one small change in our thinking and being aware of where the products we use in our homes are made, we can all make a giant difference in our economy by building American made. In the floor covering industry, you have several choices of products – carpet, hardwoods, laminate, vinyl and countertop materials that are made right here in the USA.

Job creation is the number one reason to buy products made in America. We all know that when we buy American made we create more manufacturing jobs for Americans which is vital to our country. This can only help our country’s economy, growth and stabilization. Armstrong operates 14 plants in the United States. Florida Tile and Mannington Mills are just some of the flooring operations located in the USA who create jobs for our country. In LVT alone companies such as IVC, Armstrong, Mannington and Shaw are all in the process of building or expanding domestic facilities. With these expansions, we can expect a big impact on job creation and that’s just a start.

Manufacturing products in America also gives control back to the companies who produce the products, allowing them to have control of the entire process of customer experience. When a company outsources to other countries, they can experience quality control problems and delays. By using American made products you, the consumer, receives a higher quality product and the peace of mind that you will have the best service possible.

Made in America flooring can also provide us with large environmental benefits. Shaw flooring is a wonderful example of producing green flooring, with one of the largest nylon recycling facilities in the world. Shaw has recycled more than 500 million pounds of post-consumer carpet. Few countries have as many laws as the U.S. protecting the health and safety of people and the environment. In America we also have many green building rating systems in place to show the consumer what the products carbon footprint is. RFCI Floor Score provides testing and certification of flooring products that are in compliance with indoor air quality emission requirements.

Most homes are currently built using less than 70% American made products. Calculations show that if builders increase those numbers by just 5%, it would create thousands of jobs and millions of dollars for the economy. Builders who have joined the BBAC have made a commitment to increase their utilization of at least 5% more American made products.

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