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Innovative Underlayment Solutions From Uzin

At Area Floors, we go beyond the surface in many ways. We know that what goes underneath is just as important as the flooring itself.  Quality surface preparation can make or break an installation. Did you know that we also offer innovative underlayment solutions?

Last week, we were pleased to host a product demonstration by Mike Avery and Jonas DeWebber from Uzin, sponsored by T&A Supply. They demonstrated just a few of the great installation products Uzin has to offer. We got a first hand look at some of these products in action at the Installer Night Event at Area Floors Clackamas. In case you missed it, here are some of the key takeaways:

Uzin is an industry leader in moisture mitigation systems and surface preparation products. Uzin offers a comprehensive line of primers/moisture vapor retarders, leveling compounds, adhesives, tools, and accessories. In addition, these products are environmentally friendly and meet or exceed strict indoor air quality requirements.


UZIN NC 886 Skim and Repair Compound

  • Rapid set, quick dry compound for repair, filling, and patching.
  • Very fine aggregates-trowel from a true featheredge up to 1/2″
  • No primer required

UZIN NC 888 Turbo Patching Compound

  • Versatile rapid set smoothing compound for repair, filling, and patching up to 1″ depth. Can be used on a variety of substrates prior to installation of most flooring products.
  • Fast dry formula- flooring can be installed after 15 minutes in most cases!
  • Heavy wear in residential and commercial locations– including exposure to caster wheels

UZIN NC 182 Low Slump Patching and Repair Compound

  • Fast setting, low slump patching and repair compound for ANY DEPTH.
  • No primer needed up to 1/8″ depth
  • Great for forming ramps, deep filling, and skim coating

Uzin RR 201 Substrate Reinforcing Mesh 

  • Fiberglass reinforcing mesh with extremely high tensile strength and reinforcing effect when used with Uzin primers and leveling compounds
  • High elasticity
  • No hazardous materials

Uzin Leveling Pins

  • Plastic, self-adhesive height measurement pins for use when pouring leveling compounds.
  • Strong adhesive
  • High visibility neon green


Want to learn more? Visit either Area Floors location to see the full product catalog and learn how to put these great flooring underlayment solutions to work on your next install.

Uzin is a brand of UFLOOR Systems Inc.||