Tile & Stone

Tile & Stone

Nothing can bring a dull room to life like the color, texture, shapes and versatility of tile and stone. Architects and designers can draw inspiration from traditional and contemporary design, create a trendy or fashion forward room, make use of tile as an accent element or use it as the primary focus of a room. Tile and Stone from Area Floors is the finishing touch for any project.

Portland Tile Flooring

The elegant sophistication of tile and stone tile flooring is unrivaled. Stone and tile flooring is made from a variety of different materials, and is offered in a staggering array of natural shapes, designs, and colors, which makes it a fine choice of flooring for home and business owners with refined tastes.

At Area Floors, we offer Portland tile flooring and stone tile products from today's leading manufacturers, all at competitive prices. If you're a contractor or interior designer, you can invite your clients to visit our showroom, where they can see and touch our complete line of Portland stone tile flooring and tile products for themselves. Our team of in-house stone and tile flooring specialists will help them discover the perfect balance between form, functionality, and affordability.

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